Professional footballer for Swansea and Welsh InternationalDaniel James

“I have trained with Matt during my off season. During this time the aim was to get me in the right shape ready for my preseason with my football club Swansea City. This involved some assessment work and testing to look what I needed to work on before I went into preseason, then working on some football specific strength to give me some base strength and injury prevention. We also did some football specific conditioning. Matt’s knowledge in the field of sports specific training is fantastic, and each time I have returned to preseason training with my club in the best physical condition.  If you’re an athlete or sports performer looking for strength and conditioning work tailored to your sport I would definitely recommend Matt.”


Daniel James


Professional Golfer

Dave Woodhead corePT“My names Dave I’m a PGA Professional golfer. I started training with Matt when I made the decision to go completely full time with my golf playing career. I needed initially to get in better physical shape as it was one of the areas that was hampering my on course improvements. Initial goal, before working on golf specific training was to drop some body fat and improve endurance, alongside understanding how nutritional strategies can effect my golf performance. Once we achieved this, we worked on improving some golf specific requirements, such as mobility, strength and rotational speed. I’m approaching this season in the shape of my life. Heading into season we are focusing on maintenance and recovery strategies alongside my pre game routines.”


Dave Woodhead



Total Body Transformation

corePT body transformation“Overall, during my time working with corePT I have lost a considerable amount of body mass.  I achieved this through tough training sessions, both personal and group, and Matts nutritional coaching.  It wasn’t an easy journey to take, there was lots of up and downs along the way but the corePT team was always there to coach me back on track. Their knowledge in the field of nutrition and methods for fat loss is fantastic, and his ability to get the most out of his clients, certainly places him at the pinnacle of his field within the area.  I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone who considers themselves as needing a total body transformation to corePT.  It may seem like a mountain to climb but the team is always on hand to make sure you keep climbing to the top.”


Jane Chatterton



Fantastic results 

“I am not new to exercise and fitness as I have been a member of a gym on and off for years and taken part in various classes never really sticking at anything, but as soon as I started Matt’s group training regime even, I was hooked. I find myself checking my work rota as soon as I get it to see which sessions and how many I am able to do each week. Matt is a fantastic and motivational trainer, I never know what to expect when I arrive at Bootcamp, each session is different and extremely hard but adaptable to enable everybody whatever there fitness level to be able to take part.  I have lost weight, gained strength and muscle definition and improved my level of fitness. The results have been amazing – and not just for me I have seen others getting brilliant results too. Matt has helped me to improve my diet he gives nutritional advice that is sensible and has been properly researched – none of this “Fad” diets rubbish. I have had a couple of minor injuries and again Matt has helped me back to fitness giving me rehab advice. To sum up – I totally love being at BootCamp. I can’t recommend Matt – CorePT fitness enough Fantastic Trainer Fantastic Results – but don’t take my word for it – come and join in.”


Millie Cawood



corept fitnessGreat atmosphere – Corept Fitness

“Matt’s BootCamp sessions are great! All classes are varied, I have been going for over a year and I don’t think I have had any 2 classes the same. Matt is a great trainer and provides a great atmosphere to workout in. He makes sessions fun to attend instead of it feeling like a chore, like I feel it does when you attend the gym. I have learnt a lot about nutrition since joining Corept fitness and this has helped me choose sensible meals and snacks instead of things just full of sugar. I feel much fitter and healthier and have lost weight and Matt has helped me to do this. I would recommend Corept fitness to everyone – thanks Matt!!”

Cara Jones




Team work – Corept Fitness

Hi, I’m Nicola, married with 2 teenage children. I work for the NHS with a busy, although enjoyable but sometimes frustrating workload, most weeks working around 45-50 hours. In my spare time, I am a Rainbow and Brownie leader, which I have been doing for 10 years. This is a very enjoyable hobby and involves planning programmes for the group nights, having sleepovers and going away for weekends. I heard about bootcamp from my brother and girlfriend having a coffee one Saturday morning in May. Feeling very unfit in a moment of madness, decided I would join Bootcamp with them. I decided to join because I needed to get fit and lose some weight. For a few years, I had convinced myself I did not have time to exercise and was too tired after work to bother. I was apprehensive due to the fact that I had not exercised for a long time and was not fit enough. However all the people at Corept Fitness are great and even though there are varying fitness levels there, you are encouraged to work at your own pace. The results I have gained through Boot camp are better than I thought, I am definitely fitter and have toned up losing cms and weight. The pictures speak for themselves. I feel great all day everyday, full of life and energy. A massive contrast to how I felt before. Being mentally prepared is one of the hardest things after a hard day or not feeling in the mood. I have had to change my diet a but all for the better making smarter food choices, at the right times. I have never starved myself nor gone hungry, but the quality of my nutritional choices as changed dramatically. I was an instant coffee addict but its now green tea all the way. I still love and enjoy food though, perhaps even more so now!! I enjoy everything about BootCamp, the early morning sessions, the team work, the friendly atmosphere, encouragement from others and Matt is a great trainer. I have used the food plans, read the blogs and tried the recipes and can ask Matt any questions at any time. The support and mentoring I have received from Matt has been excellent, I could not have done this without him. I’ve learnt to be mentally positive, not to worry if you’ve had a bad week or feel guilty if you’ve eaten something you feel you shouldnt have. You can always get back on track.

Nicola Ross



Darren corePT before/afterNever looked back – Corept Fitness

“Hi, I’m Darren. I’ve trained in gyms pretty much all my life from an early age. However I found myself doing the same thing over and over and gradually gaining un wanted body fat. I had a friend who went to Matt’s session at Corept Fitness so thought I would give it a try. From my first session I have never looked back, religiously attending two BootCamps every week thereafter. I have lost a large amount of unwanted body fat (2 stone) whilst still maintaining my muscle tone. The sessions are very varied and theres something for every fitness / strength level. I have also taken on board some of the dietary advice along the way from Matt, mainly cutting out complex carbs such as bread and pasta. After experiencing both the enjoyment and results from Matt’s sessions, I would never go back to a gym membership again!”

Darren Speck