corePT BootCamp:

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“CorePT’s BootCamp is a unique monthly group training regime designed for ANY fitness level which is held indoor in winter and outside in summer. It is specifically designed to progressively increase your fitness and strength, decrease your body fat and improve your all round wellbeing. It is implemented alongside a tailored nutritional program and a 24/7 support service from a committed trainer and other dedicated members all with a common goal of motivating each other” – Matt Bloor

CorePT is the number one BootCamp provider in the East Riding offering a number of daily sessions to suit your schedule. BootCamp is initially an 8 week group training regime. The reason I require you to sign up for 8 weeks is because if I can guarantee commitment and results to you, I expect the same level of commitment from yourselves. It also helps prepare you mentally for the life changing 8 weeks ahead. Come on, what are you waiting for? Come down now for your FREE trial session. Contact me for details on times and locations. Click here for more info


My belief about personal training my clients in an exercise environment is that the exercise sessions should be tailored and specific to the clients needs. An initial wellness evaluation will be conducted alongside an initial pre assessment exercise session in order to establish an exercise protocol which will not only be the most effective but will be within the clients capabilities and run alongside the key principles of training: Specificity, overload, adaptation and recovery. This is to ensure not only will the client thoroughly enjoy their workouts, but they will also be maximising the benefits of their training goals. Exercise should be achievable, creative, intense but perhaps most importantly, enjoyable.

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At corePT I have extensive expertise in the field of strength and conditioning for athletes both elite and amateur to improve their overall sporting performance. After gaining a first class honours in Sports Performance at University I am at the forefront of the latest conditioning methods implemented by professional clubs and institutions today. I want to give athletes of all abilities the opportunity to enhance their performance using these methods. All my methods are backed up by intensive research that has been carried out when looking at strength and conditioning for sport. Sessions are available at a one on one basis but also on a team basis. So if your team, no matter what age or ability, are interested in some sport specific conditioning then contact me now. Click here for more info


Here at corePT I take Nutrition very seriously, and so should you. Nutrition plays a massive role in our ability to achieve our goals, whether it be weight management, improved energy and vitality or improving sports performance. I have extensive knowledge of how to dictate and manage your goals through our nutritional programs and dietary advice. At corePT I provide thorough nutritional evaluations. I am fully aware that everyone has different goals, and likes/dislikes when it comes to nutrition so I believe in tailoring nutritional plans to the clients needs. These programs will be both specific to you, but also realistic. In order to achieve long term success goals, I must implement a realistic, but evidence based program for you to follow.

There is widespread confusion and a lack of understanding regarding how to eat these days. Also nutrition doe’s’t have to be overly confusing or require a manual to navigate your way round your weekly nutritional intake. Whether you want to lose weight, reduce body fat, or put on muscle you will find all sorts of recommended protocols, potential supplements, do’s and donts that you wont know where to turn. The safest and most efficient way to achieve such goals is to eat with accordance to your metabolic type.

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At corePT we offer Sports Massage Treatments and Treatment of Injury. Treatments include both Sports Massage and Remedial Massage Treatments to reduce tension and stress.

What is sports massage?

Sports massage is a specific massage technique that manipulates the body’s soft tissue. Recent literature and developments have led Sports Massage to deal with specific conditions that the body develops. It utilizes such techniques as MET (muscle energy technique), Soft Tissue Release and NMT (neuromuscular technique). Sports Massage is so-called simply because it produces positive effects that are popular of sports people. Whether you’re a body builder, a pregnant mum or a stressed out desk bound office worker, the treatment is tailored to your specific needs. You can expect a tailor made session every time. Sports massage is often combined with remedial massage. It uses the similar techniques, to assist the healing and rehabilitation of any dysfunction to facilitate movement. Sports massage is a proven method of relieving pain and facilitating movement, improving performance in your specific activity whether training, working in the office, or driving around all day. Click here for more info