Is it really that easy to lose your baby weight?

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I’ve been thinking about writing this blog for a while now, firstly because I’m not the best at writing things even if I can talk for England and secondly like most things on social media, when things are written down they can often be interpreted in the wrong way.

But after talking to lots of mums to be and new mums at my baby classes it made me think even more that I needed to write it and hopefully this will help a mummies out there.

As most of you probably know; I love fitness, running and helping my clients. I love my job no matter how big or small my clients’ goals are I love helping each one of them reach their goals, like most people I love success.

I have always been interested in pre and post-natal training before having children. At the age of 8 I remember my mum asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I knew that I wanted to help mummies get into shape after birth. I developed more of an interest after experiencing successfully working out pre and post natal with my two children.

I wanted to write this blog to share my thoughts on the dangers and reality of celebrities posting what they do and don’t do before and after birth. Due to their credibility of being a “celebrity” many followers are led to believe it must be true if they are saying they use a certain branded shake or share a certain diet or workout.

I’m not saying everytime it isn’t true, maybe some celebrities are persuaded to trial what they preach, so please don’t shoot the messenger, but after seeing a certain celebrity recently claim that after ten days she was back to her pre-natal body because of a branded shake that she endorses it really angered me. The reality is that she being paid to endorse this branded shake. She will be rewarded for the sales of the product. Many of her followers and mums that I have spoken to, will take her recommendations and buy the product without realising the potential dangers and side effects of dieting post birth and particularly if you chose to breast-feed.

I want you ladies to know that the celebrities who endorse this products more than likely have no idea what is in the shakes, what they taste like and have no understanding of the nutrition content. They’re more than certainly not drinking them if they have any common sense especially ten days post birth. A post like this means the person will have limit knowledge of diet and nutrition within the fitness industry because if they did they definitely wouldn’t be recommending a shake to drink as I would definitely not recommend it to a client so soon after giving birth.

The reason they are posting about it is because they are paid to and if it’s only taken them ten days after birth to get back to their pre pregnancy weight believe me the shakes are not the reason for the weight loss.

I was fortunate enough to be able to keep-up my exercise routine and I kept a well balanced diet most of the time through both pregnancies. I’m not going to lie; my husband, family and friends will tell you I do love a binge mainly fresh bread and chocolate when pregnant. But due to keeping a balance between healthy eating and exercise I was pretty much back to my pre pregnancy weight within a week of giving birth.  There were no fad dieting or taking shakes. I had just given birth it was far from my mind.

I don’t mean that in an offensive way to anyone who doesn’t and having worked with so many pre and post natal clients over the years my current and past clients would tell you I would never criticise or judge anyone that doesn’t lose their baby weight. It’s down to the individual and all us women are different. The average women takes nine months to get back to their post-birth weight, sometimes even longer and others don’t even get back to it at all, which again I would never think any less of somebody that doesn’t.

It takes nine months for the baby weight to go on, so as much as we all would love to get our bodies back the next day, it takes time, a balanced diet, exercise and definitely not a shake ten days after birth to get our bodies back so don’t believe every post you see or read.

Like pretty much most things when it comes to being a mum, you do what makes you happy and what works best for you. Just because some mum’s snap back into shape after birth and other mums still have weight to lose we are all mums and we should stick together.

So next time you come across a similar post on social media, don’t be disheartened or even think I really must purchase the product because like most of the time in the celebrity world it’s posted because it gets them money.

  1. Philippa

    Great read…keep them coming Steph. Even helpful for those of us who are not mummies yet but can’t wait to be 🤰🏼😊

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