At corePT we offer Sports Massage Treatments and Treatment of Injury. Treatments include both Sports Massage and Remedial Massage Treatments to reduce tension and stress.

What is sports massage?

Sports massage is a specific massage technique that manipulates the body’s soft tissue. Recent literature and developments have led Sports Massage to deal with specific conditions that the body develops. It utilizes such techniques as MET (muscle energy technique), Soft Tissue Release and NMT (neuromuscular technique). Sports Massage is so-called simply because it produces positive effects that are popular of sports people. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, a pregnant mum or a stressed out, desk bound office worker, the treatment is tailored to your specific needs. You can expect a tailor made session every time. Sports massage is often combined with remedial massage. It uses the similar techniques, to assist the healing and rehabilitation of any dysfunction to facilitate movement. Sports massage is a proven method of relieving pain and facilitating movement, improving performance in your specific activity whether training, working in the office, or driving around all day.

What we treat:

  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Stiff/Aching Joints and Muscles
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Stress and Muscle Tension

What are the benefits of sports massage?

A number of physical, physiological and psychological benefits are associated with sports massage including:

  • Improved circulation & lymphatic flow
  • Optimises supply of nutrients and oxygen and assists in the removal of metabolic waste
  • Improves flexibility by influencing muscle tone/length and assisting in the breakdown/remodelling of scar tissue
  • Helps to reduce pain, muscle tension and swelling
  • Aids rehabilitation after injury and helps prevent re-injury
  • Releases stress, tension and anxiety
  • Improves training and performance and reduces recovery time between workouts/events
  • Enhances postural and general body awareness
  • Aids mental preparation for sporting participation

Who can benefit from sports massage?

Anyone who routinely pushes themselves to physical limits can benefit from sports massage. If you are a sports person, massage can have an enormous impact on your performance – regular treatments can allow you to train to your full potential and recover optimally. You don’t however, have to be a sports person to feel the benefits of sports massage. Muscular tension, stress and fatigue can affect all of us, whether we are athletes, DIY fanatics, gardeners, busy housewives, or stressed executives. We have all experienced soreness, strain, bruising, tightness, pain or weakness in a muscle following activity. Massage can improve the condition of muscles and alleviate these symptoms. If you suffer from any of these get in touch and let us carry out an assessment and then we will explain to you how we can alleviate you of your symptoms