Here at corePT I take Nutrition very seriously, and so should you. Nutrition plays a massive role in our ability to achieve our goals, whether it be weight management, improved energy and vitality or improving sports performance. I have extensive knowledge of how to dictate and manage your goals through our nutritional programs and dietary advice. At corePT I provide thorough nutritional evaluations. I am fully aware that everyone has different goals, and likes/dislikes when it comes to nutrition so I believe in tailoring nutritional plans to the clients needs. These programs will be both specific to you, but also realistic. In order to achieve long term success goals, I must implement a realistic, but evidence based program for you to follow.

There is widespread confusion and a lack of understanding regarding how to eat these days. Also nutrition does not have to be overly confusing or require a manual to navigate your way round your weekly nutritional intake. Whether you want to lose weight, reduce body fat, or put on muscle you will find all sorts of recommended protocols, potential supplements, do’s and dont’s that you wont know where to turn. The safest and most efficient way to achieve such goals is to eat with accordance to your metabolic type.

You can’t fill a diesel car with unleaded and expect it to run at peak performance. The key to success likes in the ability to determine which fuel sources meet your genetic requirements so that you can accentuate your genetic strengths instead. Having said this, before being able to establish your metabolic type, you must first understand the key basic principles of healthy eating in order to accurately assess your bodies genetic signals. With my nutritional knowledge my aim is to:

Educate individuals on the basics of better nutrition.

Analyse current dietary intake/habits.

Implement initial changes.

Establish the individual’s metabolic type.

Implement the correct macro-nutrient ratios of diet.

Monitor and continue to mentor individual client.

“There will always be someone better, faster, stronger. Be that someone.