My belief about personal training my clients in an exercise environment is that the exercise sessions should be tailored and specific to the clients needs. An initial wellness evaluation will be conducted alongside an initial pre assessment exercise session in order to establish an exercise protocol which will not only be the most effective but will be within the clients capabilities and run alongside the key principles of training: Specificity, overload, adaptation and recovery. This is to ensure not only will the client thoroughly enjoy their workouts, but they will also be maximising the benefits of their training goals. Exercise should be achievable, creative, intense but perhaps most importantly, enjoyable.


Whether it’s looking to lose fat, tone muscle, sports performance or just for general wellbeing, I firmly believe I have the attitude, knowledge and experience to get the results you need and want. I am an extremely focused individual who thrives of a positive mental attitude in order to achieve some truly outstanding results. Exercise isn’t about fitting the client to the exercise type, it’s about fitting the client to the most innovative and evolving training types that will help them achieve whatever they want. The intensity of each exercise session varies dependant on the level of the client and the stage of their training regime. My methods of training are:


Resistance Training

Functional Training

Boxing Training

Strongman Training

Olympic Lifting

Sports Specific Training

Bodyweight Training

Lower back pain reduction Training

Lifestyle and stress Training


Perhaps most importantly, all my Personal Training Packages come with an extensive nutritional education program, current dietary analysis and nutritional implementation. See my nutrition page for more information. If you do not perhaps embrace the idea of one on one sessions then why not try adding a friend(s), family member(s) or team mates with my group training service. Mindset of my clients is something that I really work on. Not only improving physically, but improving mentally are so important when facing new challenges. Embracing a positive attitude will only bring about positive changes, don’t waste time, effort and enery on thinking negative thoughts. That never got anyone anywhere did it?