Keep calm it’s January

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And so it’s January, a perfect time for the fitness industry to prey on those most vulnerable. Everyone’s eaten and drank too much over the festive period and the New Year brings with it a sense of a fresh start, new goals, new motives. Many of which involve losing weight. Social media will be a wash with body transformation packages, discounted personal training sessions (we don’t do special offers, our service is the same high standard all year round), special offers, discounted gym memberships, pictures of last years success stories etc etc. But the truth is, the journey your about to embark on, is tough, it’s relentless, it’s hard work, it takes dedication, it takes commitment and sacrifice and it also takes a skilled, knowledgable and experienced coach to guide you along the process, not just one you decided to use because they offered the best January sale price. Remember the journey is a difficult one full of personal ups and downs. Many of you will fail, lots of you will have failed before it’s the harsh reality of the process, lots of you may get injured lots of you may get changes in your personal circumstances, but it’s our job as your coach to continuously adjust and evolve with you throughout the process to ensure your progress is continuous not just for January. The message is this, there’s no right and wrong pathway to take, except the one that will work for you, this more than likely involved a tailor made process which we offer. We offer the full range of services from group to individual sessions, home to gym based sessions, indoor or outdoor sessions, injury rehab sessions, beginner to sports performance sessions and anything else in between. No gimmicks, no mega January sale, just a high quality, professional, tailored service. If you want to find out more please get in touch and we can arrange a no obligation consultation. Check our website or contact us for more details.



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